The Winnipeg Fringe

While the Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is coming soon, right now we have a little theatre festival in Winnipeg that is coming even sooner. The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is a time to finally enjoy theatre in Winnipeg. It is the time when everyone drops everything and focuses on theatre. Much like during the Winnipeg Folk Fest everyone gets really into folk music or during the Winnipeg Jazz Fest every gets really into jazz. The Fringe festival is when theatre artists can enjoy audiences! The improv and comedy scene here in Winnipeg welcomes the Fringe as a time to really stretch and try out new shows, to gain new audiences and to do a whole bunch of shows in a great environment. The Fringe is the best!

Here are a couple shows to check out:

Stephen & Caity make sure the Winnipeg Improv Festival happens, they also do a show themselves. This year it will be a sequel/part two/re-working of their hit last year. "Comedy Isn't Funny Anymore" becomes "Comedy is Funny Again

Winnipeg Improv

There is improv in Winnipeg. It's everywhere if you know where to look. This website will give you the scoop. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here are things.


The Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is based out of the Gas Station Arts Centre.

The Canadian Improv Games Manitoba trains the next crop of improvisers at High Schools across the province.


Shows around the city. We swear there will be improv and comedy shows happening all over the city!

Improv workshops for the advanced player all the way to the beginner just wanting to give it a try. We swear there will be improv workshops happening!

Resources for your improvisation.

Improv suggestion app by Dave Morris

Improv suggestion website by Vinny Francois & Gil Browdy

The Improv Encyclopedia (of games)

The 17th Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is over!

Another Winnipeg if... Improv Festival comes to a close. We would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. The guests we brought in to be in the Festival Ensemble were incredible. Randy Dixon leading the workshops was a treat and Winnipeg will be inspired by his words for years. The festival created a new element in the Local Ensemble, bringing together 13 members of the improv community to work and perform. It was such a tremendous success. The Sketch Ensemble was the same, as it was a new element and was created to foster the growing sketch comedy scene. Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall lead the ensemble in creating brand new sketch from improv tools. Thank you to all the volunteers and all the audiences and all of Winnipeg! 
 Kevin McDonald and the Sketch Ensemble

 The Festival Ensemble enjoying some late night games after the first show

 Stephen and Kevin about to do some early early morning TV

 Randy Dixon onstage with the Festival Ensemble

 The Local Ensemble